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Heavy Metal

Heavy Metal by Christine Southworth

Live at the Boston Museum of Science
performance video

Performed by Gamelan Galak Tika, Todd Reynolds (violin), Eddie Whalen (guitar), Erik Nugent (lyricon), Blake Newman (bass), the Heliphon, the Beatbot, and the Blobot

Belle Labs by Evan Ziporyn

Live at the Boston Museum of Science
performance video

Performed by Evan Ziporyn (clarinet), Todd Reynolds (violin), and the Heliphon

Robot Organic by Christine Southworth

Live at Technology Review Emerging Technologies Fesitval
performance video

Performed by Lee Ridgeway (pipe organ), Evan Ziporyn (clarinet), the Heliphon, and the Whirlybot


JAMU by Christine Southworth

Remixed by Eric Gunther, for electronics and Heliphon


Honey Flyers by Christine Southworth
Movement 1 | 2 | 3

Performed by the Calder Quartet
for string quartet and Bot(i)Cello - to be premiered with the new Bot(i)Cello in Spring 2008



Anthropomorphic by Ramon Castillo

Live at Boston Museum of Science

Performed by Sachi Sato and the Heliphon


ZAP! by Christine Southworth

1. Power On
2. Surge
3. Current Consumption
4. Charged
5. Attraction
6. Static
7. Power Off

Robert Black (bass), David Cossin (percussion), Felix Fan (cello), Eddie Whalen (guitar), Christine Southworth (voice), Philippa Thompson (voice), Evan Ziporyn (keyboards & clarinet)

MOS performance video





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